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Examples of Undergraduate Research Projects


Sara Bosshart.  The Eocene/Oligocene Boundary in Oregon: a Mysterious Even-over-Odd Predominance of n-alkanes
(Advisor: Professor Francesca Smith)

Latisha Brengman.  The Sulfur Isotope Composition of early Neoproterozoic seawater as recorded in the Bitter Springs Formation, Australia
(Advisor: Professor Matthew Hurtgen)

Stefan Jensen.  Geophysical Evidence for Medieval-Period Hydroclimatic Change in the Sierra Nevada
(Advisor:  Professor Seth Stein)


Sara Bosshart.  Leaf wax isotope signatures of Global Cooling (Eocene-Oligocene)
(Advisor: Professor Francesca Smith)

Latisha Brengman.  Evaluating the relationship between the geochemical cycles of carbon and sulfur in the early to mid Neoproterozoic ocean: An example from the Akademikerbreen Group, Svalbard
(Advisor: Professor Matthew Hurtgen)

Colin Carney.  Terrestrial weathering and nutrient recycling:  Bionutrient P dynamics of the Late Devonian Appalachian Basin
(Advisor: Professor Bradley B. Sageman)

Nicki Kravis.  Tracking Arctic Climate Change in Alaska
(Advisor:  Professor Andrew Jacobson)

Ryan Lange.  Relative teleseismic wave arrival times at seismic arrays across the U.S.
(Advisor:  Professor Suzan van der Lee)


James Hebden.  RayleighWave propagation in mid-ocean ridge waveguides
(Advisor: Professor Seth Stein)

Rohan  Kumthekar  Martian north pole deposits – seasonal evolution
(Advisor:  Professor Donna Jurdy)


Piyapa Dejtrakulwong. Analysis of Dedimentary Phosphorus in Cenomanian-Turonian (Cretaceous) Deposits of the Western Interior Seaway: Implications for the Interpretation of Oceanic Anoxic Event II. (Advisor: Professor Bradley B. Sageman) Departmental Honors


Piyapa Dejtrakulwong. Analysis of nutrient dynamics in an ancient epicontinental sea. (Advisor: Professor Bradley B. Sageman)


Justin R. Sweet. Frequency-Size Distributions for Intraplate Earthquakes.
(Advisor: Professor Emile Okal) Departmental Honors


Jessica Edmonds. ISP Honors Thesis: Variations in Size and Location of Albedo Features on Mars.
(Advisor: Research Associate Professor Mark S. Robinson)

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