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Program of Study: Minor in Earth & Planetary Sciences

The Earth and Planetary Sciences use diverse and interdisciplinary approaches to study complex physical, chemical, and biological processes occurring on and within the earth and other planets. The undergraduate program combines a fundamental background in mathematics, physics, and chemistry with courses applying these techniques to geological problems. Undergraduates are encouraged to select individual programs reflecting their scientific interests and career goals, whether graduate study in the earth sciences, professional employment, or advanced study in areas such as management or law.

Undergraduates are involved in the full spectrum of departmental activities beyond class work: research, seminars, field trips, and social functions. The resulting educational environment offers unusual opportunities for motivated and interested students.

The minor in Earth and Planetary Sciences offers students in any major a flexible path to improved knowledge of Earth, its processes, and, more generally, Earth system science. With advice from faculty, students select paths that emphasize such fields as physical geology, geochemisty, geophysics, or a combination of these.

Minor Course Requirements--6 units

201, 202 (350 may substitute for 202)

Four, 300 courses in the department, one of which may be 398 or 399; one 400-level course may substitute with permission.


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