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The philosophy underlying our degree program is the development of fundamental scientific skills that prepare our students to think critically and imaginatively about solving problems - good preparation for any of the possible careers available to graduates with a Bachelors degree (see links), as well as for further training in geological sciences at the graduate level. Most career paths out of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences lead to academic institutions or research laboratories. Not all, however... some of our undergraduate majors have gone on to medical school, or to programs in environmental science or engineering.

The following links will help you explore the breadth of career options open to you as a geoscientist.

General Geoscience Career guides

For what Earth Scientists do, visit the American Geophysical Union, and for more on careers, click here.

American Geological Institute - You may particularly benefit from their extensive FAQ on geosciences careers.

Job Listings – US Federal Agencies

The US Geological Survey, commonly known as the USGS has a Federal Career Intern Program as well as a Vacancies page for permanent positions.


GEOCORPS - Listing of paid Geoscientist opportunities on
National Parks, National Forests, and BLM Lands provided by the Geological Society of America

National Park Service-Work With Us

USDA/ Forest Service-Jobs

Job Listings – General

Earth Works – commercial web listings with a focus on global opportunities

American Institute of Physics

Oil and Gas Jobs – at

Society of Exploration Geophysicists and see Careers

Graduate Program Listings

While you may always directly contact departments and programs at universities directly, the following links provide lists of openings in graduate programs with specific researchers or projects:

Geological Society of America – Openings in Graduate Programs

EOS is the weekly publication of the American Geophysical Union. Included is an comprehensive listing of geosciences opportunities including a large number of funded graduate program opportunities. EOS is free to all students, with membership being an outstanding value at $7/year. http:/

Earth Works – commercial web listings with a focus on global opportunities including PhD research studentships - http:/

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