Craig R. Bina
Wayne V. Jones II Professor of Geological Sciences
Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1987

Selected Research Interests
Thermodynamics; thermoelasticity; phase transitions; structure, composition, and dynamics of planetary interiors; body-wave seismology; subduction processes; networks and complex systems.

Selected Research Projects

Modeling of Planetary Interiors
Riner, Bina, Robinson, and Desch (2008)
Watters, Robins, Bina and Spudis (2004)
Bina and Navrotsky (2000)

Petrological Buoyancy Forces and Slab Dynamics
Bina, Stein, Marton, and Van Ark (2001)
Bina and Navrotsky (2000)
Marton, Bina, Stein, and Rubie (1999)
Bina (1998)
Bina (1997)
Bina (1996)

Bending Moments and Slab Stagnation
Bina and Kawakatsu (2006)
Bina and Kawakatsu (2005)
Bina (2005)
Bina, Stein, Marton, and Van Ark (2001)

Lower Mantle Structure, Composition, and Mineralogy
Thomas et al. (2008)
Bina (2008)
Jacobsen et al. (2008)
Bina (2003)
Bina (1998)
Bina and Silver (1997)

Strain Energy Propagation in Networks
Bina (2005)

Shear-Wave Velocities Beneath Oceanic Plateaux
Bina, Okal, and van der Lee (2005)

Fine Structure in the Transition Zone
Bina (2006)
Bina (2003)
Bina (2002)
Bina (1998)

Subduction Zone Stresses and Seismicity
Chen, Bina, and Okal (2004, 2005)
Chen, Bina, and Okal (2001)
Okal and Bina (2001)
Okal and Bina (1998)

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