Earth & Planetary Sciences 390 - Natural hazard policy
Instructor: Seth Stein Tech F498, (847) 491-5265
seth AT
Class Lectures: T, Th 11:00-12:20 PM, Tech F285

30%: Homework problems
30%: Individual project
30%: Group project
10%: In-class problems

Portable electronic devices may not be used in class. You may discuss homework with each other, but are expected to work and do your writeups independently. Problem sets are due one week after being assigned. Make-ups are ONLY allowed by advance arrangements through the Office of Studies. Late work will be penalized no less than 50%. As per university policy, class attendance is expected and required.

Text: Playing Against Nature: Integrating Science and Economics to Mitigate Natural Hazards in an Uncertain World by S. Stein and J. Stein, 2014

Individual Project: Presentation and paper on an approved topic of general relevance to the class, integrating hazard science and policy

Class handouts (pdf)

Powerpoint lectures