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Bina, C. R., and B. J. Wood, The upper mantle and transition zone: Computation of phase relations and elastic properties, unpublished manuscript, 1987.

Abstract. We review the details of the thermodynamic formalism required for the determination of internally consistent phase diagrams and for the calculation of stable phase assemblages and their associated elastic properties. We apply the method to the computation of seismic velocity profiles for a suite of upper mantle models ranging in bulk composition from eclogitic through peridotitic to pure olivine, incorporating recent data on the pyroxene-garnet system. We conclude that there is no need to invoke arbitrary changes in the bulk chemical composition of the upper mantle; a uniform peridotitic upper mantle containing 70-75% olivine by volume is in good agreement with upper mantle seismic observations. The details of various numerical procedures necessary to the performance of such thermodynamic analyses are presented in Appendices.

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