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Bina, C. R., A multi-user computer assisted instructional management system, Library of Congress, TXU 52-217, 129 pp., 1979.

Summary. The objective of this project was the development of a computer assisted instructional management system and its implementation on a Hewlett Packard 2000/Access Timeshared BASIC Level F computer system. This instructional package is potentially usable by twenty-six different schools of twenty-six teachers each; at present it is heavily used by six of the eight schools in high school district 214. This project's major achievements lie in the area of software development. To implement this package, it was necessary to devise software to perform functions which HP2000/BASIC was neither equipped nor intended to perform. Prime examples of such software are the routines for expanding and contracting multiple-write-access "rubber band" files, along with the priority I and II "locks" routines which permit the five-level inter-program communications necessary to the manipulation of these files. This project is of a dynamic nature; for the package still continues to grow both in complexity and in versatility of application.

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