Graduate Advising

I have had the good fortune to work with many outstanding graduate students. I have been an advisor to:

Douglas Wiens; now Professor, Washington University, St. Louis

Joe Engeln; now Assistant Director, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Paul Stoddard; now Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University

Gary Acton*; now now Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University (Texas)

George Helffrich; now Professor, University of Bristol (U.K.)

John Weber*+; now Professor, Grand Valley State University (Michigan)

Tom Shoberg+; now Assistant Professor, Pittsburg State University (Kansas)

John Delaughter+;

Lisa Leffler+*

Andy Newman+; now Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Fred Marton

Eryn Klosko; now Assistant Professor, Westchester Community College (New York)

Alberto Lopez; now Assistant Professor, University of Puerto Rico

Kimberly Schramm; now seismologist, Sandia National Laboratory

Carl Ebeling; now research geophysicist, UC San Diego

Laura Swafford; now geophysicist, Chevron

Miguel Merino; now geophysicist, Chevron

I have also worked with:

Paul Lundgren; now at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Charles DeMets*; now Professor, University of Wisconsin

Don Argus; now at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

John Brodholt; now Professor, University College, London

Phil Richardson+; now geophysicst, Chevron

Projects with current students:

Emily Wolin (Passive margin earthquakes)

Edward Brooks (Assessment of seismic hazard maps))

*Students whose joint paper with me won an AGU Outstanding Student Paper Award

+Awarded the department`s Horace Scott Award for Outstanding Graduate Research and Potential