International Tsunami Survey Team

Peru 2001

As they start the long drive back to Lima at the conclusion of their field work, the team members pose for a group photograph at the Ocoña roadblock, along the Pan American Highway on 13 July 2001. A 70-km stretch of the road, badly affected by cracks and landslides during the earthquake and its aftershocks, was being operated on an alternating one-way basis, with waits of up to three hours.

From left to right: Vasily Titov (PMEL/NOAA); Sr. X (Chauffeur, Peruvian Navy); Brandon Gomer (Northwestern University); Lt. Fernando Vegas (Peruvian Navy); Matthew Swensson (University of Southern California); Modesto Ortiz (CICESE); José Borrero (University of Southern California); Emile A. Okal (Northwestern University); Sebastian Araya (Humboldt State University); Lori Dengler (Humboldt State University); Shun-ichi Koshimura (PMEL/NOAA); Daniel Olcese (Peruvian Navy); and Gustavo Laos (Peruvian Navy).

Photograph: José Borrero