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Scholarships & Assistantships

Students may be supported by University Fellowships, other Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships, and Research Assistantships. Such awards and appointments are made by the Graduate School acting on the recommendations of the department. Financial support is normally awarded for 9 months (3 quarters), providing a stipend and covering the graduate tuition fees. Twice a year, inthe fall and spring, the departmental faculty evaluates each student's progress. At these times, decision about the continuation and type of support are made.

  • University Fellowships usually are awarded to qualified first-year graduate students.

  • Teaching Assistantships may be awarded to students in the first and subsequent years.

  • Research Assistantships are a principal source of financial support for students admitted to Ph.D. candidacy. Research Assistantships are obtained by faculty members from outside sources for research on specific topics. Each student is urged to identify fields of interest as early as possible and to contact the relevant faculty members about the possibility of their employment as a Research Assistant. Research projects and financial support are arranged by mutual consent of the student and faculty members.
  • Sloss Fellowships are supported by endowment funds and provide a tuition scholarship and stipend to qualified senior graduate students (i.e., following the third or fourth year in the program).

  • Sloss Research Awards are granted annually, whenever possible, based on evaluation of research proposals written by students. To compete for the award, students must be in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need (no other sources of support). Awards typically help to offset the cost of field work and other research.

  • Boos Fellowships are supported by endowment funds and provide a tuition schalrship and stipend to qualified senior women graduate students (i.e., following the third to fourth year in the program). In special cases, these fellowships may be awarded to first- or second-year women.

  • Health insurance is required by the University of all graduate students.  The department and the Graduate School collectively pay the annual premium for students' health insurance provided through the university.  

Minority Fellowships

Other Fellowships

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