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The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is part of the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. The academic life of graduate students is to a large degree guided by the rules of the Graduate School, the administrative unit for all graduate programs at Northwestern. Each department has its own supplementary rules concerning the fulfillment of the requirements for the graduate degrees. The departmental faculty engage in a continuous effort to revise and develop the academic guidelines, taking into account the experience and constructive input from students, faculty and staff alike.

On our website you will find information specifically related to our department, such as an explanation of the students' paths through the graduate curricula, possibilities of financial support, lists of the faculty research fields, and of courses offered in the department. Additional important information on the University level with which graduate students should be familiar can be found in the following links and publications:

A publication of general interest is a booklet entitled Northwestern Facts available from University Relations (1810 Hinman Avenue) and sometimes from other offices. Also useful is the annual Annual Report of our department, available in the department office, and the departmental website.

With ample advice available to assist students in planning their academic and research programs, it is the responsibility of the student to know the University and department rules and to be able to meet all the requirements and deadlines.

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