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L. L. Sloss Room

Dedication of the L.L. Sloss Room
January 15, 1999
Faculty, Students, Staff and Visitors to the Department

Sloss Room Dedication

Sitting row: M. Robinson | D. Hollander | J. Rich | H. Li | P. Stoddard (N. Illinois U.)| S. Pimley P.-F. Chen |E. Klosko| E. Beutel | U. Rao | T. Huynh | C. Bina | S. Meyers
Standing row: J.-F. Gaillard | E. Birchfield| B. Remien| B. Gomer| J. Weertman | E. Okal S. Wilkison | B. Sageman| B. Johnson | A. Lerman | D. Jurdy | M. Smith | C. Stein

Plaque for the Sloss Room

Sloss Room Plaque -- Click for Larger Version
Click image for a larger version.

Sloss Room Donors

The Sloss Room commemorates our colleague Laurence L. Sloss and the many hours he spent in it teaching classes, and attending seminars and meetings. Improvements in these combined functions of the room were made possible by the fund-raising drive initiated by Professor emeritus Edward C. Dapples in the spring of 1998, and by the gifts received from the following individuals and corporate donors:

John M. Andrichuk
Khosrow & Manijeh Badiozamani
Andrew D. Baillie
Edward C. Dapples
Robert H. Erickson
William T. Fox
Weston C. Gardner
R. Perry Glaister
H. Grant Goodell
Richard D. House
Jerome J.C. Ingels
Robert M. Mitchum, Jr.
John B. Sangree, Jr.
Jack A. Simon
Peter W. Sloss and family
Richard Steinmetz
Leonard H. Vacher
Glenn S. Visher

Corporate donors

Exxon Educational Foundation, matching R.M. Mitchum's donation
Mobil Foundation, Inc., matching W.C. Gardner's donation

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