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Current Seminars

All Seminars are held on the Evanston campus in Locy 301
at 3:30 unless noted * otherwise.


Gregory P. Waite
Michigan Technological University

Volcanic Conduit Dynamics: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Modeling Low-Frequency Volcanic Seismicity

4/8 Silke Severmann
Rutgers University

Promise and Progress: a Metal Isotope
Perspective of a Changing Ocean


Zunli Lu
Syracuse University

Iodine to Calcium Ratios in Marine Carbonate
as a Paleo-redox Proxy During Oceanic
Anoxic Events

Edward A.G. Schuur
University of Florida

Permafrost Carbon and Climate Feedbacks in a Warmer World



Morgan Page
United States Geological Survey

The Where and Why of Gutenberg-Richter Magnitude Scaling


Joseph Kirschvink California Institute of Technology

The First Snowball Earth and the Rise of Atmospheric C02

5/13 Jens Wendler
Smithsonian Institute
What Caused Cyclic Sea Level Fluctuations During the Cretaceous Super-greenhouse Climate?

Douglas MacAyeal
University of Chicago

Into the Glaciological Mosh Pit: Investigating Iceberg Calving, Capsize and Tsunami
Generation as a Proximal Cause of Abrupt Ice-shelf Disintegration


Eric Calais
Purdue University

The January 12, 2010, Haiti Earthquake and its Aftermath: How Can Science Inform policy?


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